I told her I liked her about a year ago I blurted it out practically. But she needed to hear it, she was down. & she said she liked me back but I told her too late (she got a boyfriend). So anyway a year past & we grow together & her boyfriend leaves and than we get together & we loved vigorously for 2ish months but then she got odd & then we floated away & before I knew it we are done & all the kisses are gone & the hugs & hand holding (I loved it more than anything). I don’t know what to do.

hello c: it’s very possible that she was not completely over her boyfriend and was (sorry) using you as a distraction from her unresolved feelings. it’s also possible that her feelings for you now aren’t quite what they were when you first confessed your love and she reciprocated it. maybe she found out after being with you for a while that that’s not what she wants anymore. in either of these cases, i don’t know what you should do. i don’t know if there’s anything you can do, other than respecting her need for space, i guess. however, considering the length of your friendship, and the brevity of your romantic relationship, i would say that she at least owes you some kind of explanation. have you tried asking her what’s up? maybe you can start there ❤


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