What to do if you love people individually but hate them as they form as a group? Is the such a thing? Answers please. 🐹

haha i can definitely see how that might be a thing. people can be heavily influenced when they’re in a group to behave in ways they otherwise would not. it’s basically chemistry; being around different people brings out different properties of your personality. reactions and moods and tones can be drastically different depending on who you’re around. 

now i’m not the best person to ask for advice on social matters, but i would say keep interacting with those people individually if you enjoy what they’re like when they’re with you and not in the group. you don’t all have to hang out as a collective. as long as you maintain those one-to-one friendships, you shouldn’t feel obligated to place yourself in group situations you’d rather avoid. just appreciate each person separately for who they are and what they mean to you. 

and if you’re nervous about them calling you out or becoming aware that you don’t like the group, i would suggest trying to figure out what it is that rubs you the wrong way when you’re all together, and seeing if you might be able to circumvent that ahead of time 🙂


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