hey ok so like how do u like,,, understand poems I guess? Like I don’t understand any of this at all but I know that it’s so great and I like it a lot but like I don’t understand what it means or suggests or conveys?¿


i don’t think u need to understand the “meaning” of poetry to appreciate it. like, i don’t understand some of my own poems. that doesn’t mean i don’t like them or didn’t enjoy writing them or don’t want to share them. i write a lot of work for the sake of aesthetic. like, words and phrases and ideas that meld together in startling ways, that don’t focus on narrative or character or anything but rather just the tone and vibe i want to create. at the end of the day, poems are just words, no? so like, words will always carry different weights for different people. whatever it means to you is what it means. authorial intent isn’t worth shit in my opinion, like the poet/author can try to get whatever they want to get across, but the readers are allowed to interpret the work however the heck they want (there are some cases where i maybe falter w/ this, lolita, for one). don’t worry bumblebee, u are absolutely reading poetry correctly & if u really want to understand what the author/poet intended on conveying in their work, ask them! and if that’s not an option, open a discussion w/ a friend or on the internet or google it! there are probably other people who are wondering the same things as u.


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