We are now taking submissions for the highly anticipated second volume of Literary Sexts! After close to 1,000 copies of Literary Sexts Volume 1 being sold we know how eager you are for Volume 2 (we are too!)

Literary Sexts is an annual modern day anthology of short love poems with subtle erotic undertones edited by Amanda Oaks & Caitlyn Siehl. Volume 2 is set to be published by Words Dance Publishing & will be available for preorder in time for Valentine’s Day 2015!

Think 140 characters, think 40 words or less.

Poems that you would text to your lover. Poems that you would slip into a back pocket, suitcase, wallet or purse on the sly. Poems that you would write on slips of paper & stick under your crush’s windshield wiper. Poems that you would write on a Post-it note & leave on the bathroom mirror.

Submissions will be open until 11/15/14.


Thank you so much for your ongoing support!

You can help us spread the word about this collection by sharing this post!

We are looking forward to reading your submissions!

Love, xox,
Amanda & Caitlyn

so cool, can’t wait omg!


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